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Hi, friend.

It’s a bit presumptuous to call you ‘friend’ when we’ve never met, I know, and it’s a word bandied about so much these days that it doesn’t seem to mean  much.

But it means a lot to me.

As do you.

I’m glad you’re here. I know the place needs a little sprucing up, and I’ll probably have to take a stack of books off of that chair for you to sit down, but I’d like it if you would. Sit, stay a while. Tell me about yourself.

I’ll make a cup of tea. (Probably jasmine, if you don’t mind?)


Oh… me?

You make me smile that funny, lazy-looking but really slightly embarrassed smile by asking. Thank you. I know it’s more than idle curiosity—there are so many other corners of the web to poke into for the curious—so I’ll answer as clear as I can.

I’m Tara. I’m a writer if I’m anything, a lover of words, a scribbler in journals, a reader of books. A poet when I’m brave enough to call myself one, and a spiritual director always, over everything, because at the core I’m meant to be that, a soul friend.

But I’m fumbling and finding my way, just like you.

And this little corner of the web is where I fumble a lot, feeling around for truth, for beauty, for words that make your heart sing with recognition—yes! It’s the place where I explore what attentiveness to the ordinary means, where I try out my ideas (which are always in motion and very different than my beliefs, let me tell you), and make lots of mistakes.

Over the past year my husband and I have peeled the word “evangelical” off of the word “Christian” when it comes to describing our faith. And that is an uneasy thing for me to say, as I’m still Word-centered, Christ-believing, living the evangel, the Good News, as much as I can. But I can’t deny the journey, and that a more appropriate word to put in front of “Christian” for me is “practicing” (I talk more about that here), and leave it imperfectly at that.

I dance in rainstorms, I live in the mountains and I have watched Firefly more times than I can count.

I write about writing (because I’m writing a book on spirituality and the body for InterVarsity Press), about living in our bodies, about spiritual formation and, occasionally, about bacon. I also blog over at my spiritual direction website, Anam Cara Ministries, about the contemplative life and why I’m addicted to God.

I love my husband of 5 years, Bryan, who makes all of this crazy stuff possible, and our rescue dog, Hullabaloo, who reminds me that at the end of the day a warm, waggy body can make almost anything seem alright.

So… that’s a start.

My tea’s getting cold and it’s your turn. Tell me about you…