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Drama and Desire

I write occasionally for A Beautiful Mess, and my most recent contribution went up last week. It's about drama, desire and baby-making. (Intrigued?) Here's an excerpt: At the time, my reluctance to admit that we are trying to bring new life … [Read more]

Remembering to Read

I've been catching up on my RSS feed today, and came across this lovely post by my friend Sara Zarr. Sara is way more professional and accomplished than I am, but she hangs out with me now and then anyway (mostly at the Glen Workshop, because she … [Read more]

Why I Teach About Sexuality & Spirituality

This beautiful post by Sarah Bessey over at A Deeper Story is one of the many reasons why I speak, teach and write about sexuality and spirituality. I want to see sexuality redeemed in the church and the world. I believe it can be. … [Read more]

Listening to Myself

  So, I find listening to myself speak fairly horrific. I'm cringing at all the umms, ahhs, likes and awkward pauses, not to mention my really lame jokes. That said, if you'd like to wade through all that, Renovar√© has just posted their … [Read more]